Welsh Music Wednesday #21: Chupa Cabra


Name: Chupa Cabra

From: Deeside, North Wales.

Getting played even once on Adam ‘Welsh Music’ Walton’s BBC Radio Wales show can be quite a task to achieve – the competition is fierce, but then, so are Chupa Cabra. Ferocious, in fact, because their latest single, ‘Mouths To Feed’, got played not once, but twice and during the same show. If you don’t listen to Adam’s show, you won’t quite understand the gravity of that honour, but if you do, you should also understand why that honour is very well-deserved.

Psychedelic garage punks, Chupa Cabra, first caught my attention – and everyone else’s, with their mammoth debut single, ‘My Girl’. ‘My Girl’ received international recognition by getting blasted from radio stations, bursting speakers and attacking earholes across the globe.

The only fear with a band bringing out such an outrageously good debut is that their follow-up may not compare. Thankfully, if you’re a fan of ‘My Girl’, you need not worry about that, but you should probably still be scared, for the Chupa Cabra is a monster with a terrifying hunger.

Mouths To Feed’ is a grizzly, dirty, unrelenting anthem with all the raw substance we’ve come to, very quickly, expect from the mighty Chupa Cabra. It’s both rhythmically and lyrically sharp with an infectious chorus and a subtle but powerful melody, all bottled up and cleverly disguised as chaos.

Chupa Cabra seem to hex everything they create. If you dare to listen once, you’ll never be able to stop.

Mouths To Feed’ and its equally brilliant b-side, ‘All I Know’ is now available to stream & buy digitally and on cassette. Chupa Cabra will also be stirring up a storm in Manchester this Friday.

For more (because, trust me, you’ll need it) you can check Chupa Cabra out here.

Header artwork via Chupa Cabra.


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