Artist Of The Week: Chlöe Howl


Categorising artists by age groups is cheap, lazy and should usually be avoided. However, with artists such as 18 year old Chlöe Howl, it’s inevitable. Although, her youth isn’t referenced to undermine her talent. In fact, we’re only reminded of her age because she’s different from her fresh-faced peers. When we think of young  pop stars, we imagine the likes of Justin Bieber, or Miley Cyrus – before she learnt to twerk. But Howl isn’t tween fodder, and you won’t catch her twerking on stage either. She’s not Disney squeaky clean, yet she’s not a tearaway either but she is a highly promising and genuinely talented teen. Now, let’s never mention her age again.

Amy Jo McLellan
Amy Jo McLellan is the editor of Alt Scribe. She started writing about music in 2010 and has been dancing about architecture ever since. She became a featured blogger for Buzznet after winning their 2011 ‘Summer of Buzz’ talent search. Amy knows far too much about her favourite bands and describes herself as a “professional fangirl”. CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Kids In Glass Houses, Dawes. SPECIALIST SUBJECT: The rise and fall of 'Emo' 2006 - Now.

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