Welsh Music Wednesday Revisit #2: Samoans


Every now and then, we like to check up on bands and artists we’ve featured on Alt Scribe just to see what they’re up to, and not to blow our own trumpet, but they’re usually doing pretty damn alright. Welsh Music Wednesday Revisit, is us taking a look back at some of our favourite Welsh Music Wednesday features and updating you on what’s happening for them now and what’s still to come.

Samoans have just announced a UK tour with their Scottish friends, Atlas : Empire. For some (including me) that sentence alone will be enough to get you through the doors. For the rest of you, we’ll be revisiting one of our favourite Welsh bands to tell you why we were so easily sold by 140 characters or less and why you should be too.

Following their Welsh Music Prize-nominated debut album, ‘Rescue’ and their split EP with Freeze The Atlantic, Samoans are set to release their long-awaited second album hopefully later this year. It’s recorded and ready to go, most of it has even already blessed the ears of Four Bars in Cardiff where the band played an album teaser back in May. The crowd were sweaty, sweary but all the while, completely captivated by Samoans.

Even with only the live versions to go on, Samoans’ new material is clearly set to be their best yet. It’s beautifully crafted, emotive, powerful, unpredictable and above all, truly exciting.

Samoans keep your eyes, ears, body and mind hooked on every second of their performance; leaving every sense satisfied (if you enjoy the taste of sweat), Samoans’ live shows are incomparable.

I’ve seen Samoans live a fair few times now. What started off as an almost obligatory past-time has become nothing but a pleasure and now with every show I attend, Samoans move higher up the ranks. There are few bands whose shows I’ll buy tickets for faster and without checking my diary.

Cancel your plans, Samoans tour with Atlas : Empire this October. Details below. Some tickets here, for all other tickets, visit Samoans’ Facebook.

Header and Poster artwork by Mike Partridge.



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