Welsh Music Wednesday #20: DISJOY



From: Cardiff

Risen from the smoke and cigarette ashes of former musical flames, comes DISJOY. Doused in post-punk butane and ignited by rage, power and sheer noise; DISJOY have burst onto the Cardiff punk scene leaving a trail of blood, sweat and Red Stripe in the embers behind them.

If you follow the empty cans, you’ll find DISJOY on stage, wreaking havoc with their aggressive riffs and raw, grizzly vocals. Their live performance surpasses that steady, hypnotic trance that usually takes over when your mind is drawn in by a sound; DISJOY cut to the chase and straight up teleport you to wherever the hell they feel like it at the time. Usually someplace dark.

DISJOY’s demo, available to download from their Bandcamp, grants you a mere glimpse into the lair of the self-described “noir-punk[s]”. Although, for the full moon effect, I would insist you get down to their next show, but be warned; DISJOY are not for the faint of heart, lungs or liver.

Header photo artwork by Rich Clarke .


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