Review: Two O’Clock Courage – ‘Missalette’

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Recording an album doesn’t come cheap and artists, especially when they’re just starting out, often don’t have the luxury of a record label’s financial back up. The two best options they have in this case are to either start a crowd-funding campaign trust or man up or fund the entire process from their own pockets.

Los Angeles based alternative rock band, Two O’Clock Courage did the latter and they’re also giving the new album away for FREE! Now, that’s the courage! The album is called ‘Missalette’ and set to be released April 8th. Fans were already able to get a glimpse with two previously released tracks ‘Misericorde’ and ‘6:06 to Grand Central’.


The rest of the record moves on to similar territories and provides with the kind of raw sound that would stand strong on a Warped Tour line-up. It’s quite hard to show anything new staying within the limits of this genre yet ‘Missalette’ is still a rather ambitious effort. The one track that stands out is ‘1927-2012’ – it’s where the emotions poured into the lyrics come through the best in the vocals and the piano adds a nice change of scenery. This could definitely be the highlight of a live show as well. Let’s not move past the unique guitar parts on ‘Old Gold or Outside The Honor System’ either; it’s like a punk-rock version of the American Horror Story theme and as strange as this sounds, it still works.

‘Missalette’ is out April 8th and can be yours for free of charge!


Dóra Udvardi
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