The Maine Premiere ‘Am I Pretty?’ Music Video

the maine

Almost exactly a year after the release of their last album ‘American Candy’ (read our review here), The Maine are back with brand new single ‘Am I Pretty?’.

This track was the one to stick when listening to ‘American Candy’ for the first time and it’s still a personal favourite off the album right after ‘(Un)Lost’. The fun and upbeat instrumental part makes it easy to forget how way too honest and real the lyrics actually are – the video brings this quality into focus in a way only the Arizona emo group (this will never get old. Band please, put that shirt online for sale already) can: it’s hard to decide whether to cry from laughing or the emotions caused by the stories told by the people in the video.

The commentary, that accompanies the song and video is just as important and worth the read – it brings the bridge from ‘(Un)Lost’ in mind a little. It’s also one more item to add to the ever growing list of reasons why we love The Maine.

“You are beautiful because your eyes are different sizes and your lisp gets in between your tongue and teeth every time you try to say “something”. You are beautiful because the scar under your chin looks like a spider and because you have a massive fear of heights. You are beautiful because there never has been, nor will there ever be anyone else on this Earth like you. Because your flaws are like fingerprints and should be embraced just like the free will that resides inside. You are not beautiful because of the symmetry in the little squares on your telephone, you are beautiful because “you” are the only “you” this place will ever know.”

-John C. O’Callaghan V.

‘American Candy’ with Am I Pretty?’ is out now!


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