Live: Simple Plan Take One For The Team @ o2 Forum Kentish Town – 24/03/16

simple plan

The first round of Simple Plan’s Taking One For The Team Tour, in support of the brand new album of the same title, has come to an end. Its extensive European run ended at the sold out o2 Forum in Kentish Town, London last night. We braved the rain and went down to see them.

Upon arrival, Ghost Town were tearing the stage down with a massively energetic performance for a support act. Having never heard their music before, it was very impressive to hear how the catchy sound meets screams and heavy guitar breakdowns.

The last time we saw Simple Plan was at Strand Festival a good 7 months ago – it feels like yesterday. They didn’t have a new album out then, but it was this writer’s first time seeing the band. Yesterday, however, brought the excitement of finally hearing a bunch of new tracks off ‘Taking One For The Team’ live!

Perhaps, this anticipation was the reason to be disappointed about the lack of new songs on the set-list this time. It’s incredibly hard to put 15 years of discography into a 90 minute show but sometimes you just have to let it goooo… Jokes aside, it felt like ‘Jet Lag’ and ‘Your Love Is A Lie’ or the ‘Uptown Funk/Can’t Feel My Face’-medley could’ve easily been replaced by the likes of ‘Everything Sucks’ or ‘P.S. I Hate You’ – and playing a set without ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Sad’ is hard to comprehend. Band, please explain! Other than this, the night still went strong.


Simple Plan are the kind of band to release an album that hits, tour it a little, then disappear for five years until it’s time to do something again. This must be the secret of their top performance on stage after all this time. They look anything but old, pop-punk veterans; the energy and fun is still there. It doesn’t look like they’re doing this for the routine (unlike other legendary bands, in their own league, we’ve seen before) but each member seems genuinely excited to perform a show for the audience. This quality is something to be admired and we hope it will last for many more years to come.

Our highlight of the night was ‘Welcome To My Life’ hands down.  The kind of songs like ‘This Song Saved My Life’ are the ones expected to be powerful live and they are, but ‘Welcome To My Life’ in this intimate setting, and the current mind-set after a long week and the song’s effect on it were what made it memorable this time. ‘Summer Paradise’ provided a pleasant escape from a very typical British day filled with never stopping rain and an exceptionally horrible London bus commute. Bring on the palm trees and Pina Coladas! The new songs that were played sounded amazing, ‘Opinion Overload’ and ‘Boom’ being our favourites. Let’s not forget the big old classics either: the crowd greeted ‘Perfect World’, ‘Crazy’ and ‘I’m Just A Kid’ with huge cheers. As per usual, the night ended in a sing along to ‘Perfect’ accompanied by a lit up venue with lights from the audience.

It’s good to have you back, Simple Plan!

Dóra Udvardi
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