Live: Twenty One Pilots (and Transviolet) @ o2 Academy Brixton, London – 25th February 2016


Twenty One Pilots occupied the stage of the O2 Academy in Brixton for the second night of their sold out London shows as part of their Blurryface Tour’s European run the other night. It was the most amazing concert that I will not forget any time soon. Let’s do it again!

L.A.’s own TRANSVIOLET opened the stage as the only support act for the night. Despite never having heard of them before, listening to their psychedelic pop music was a nice way to start the night. I look forward to get to know them better.

Rumour has it Twenty One Pilots were twenty one minutes late. I don’t know about that, but the disappointment for not being on stage at the end of every song played between the sets was in the air. You also know it’s a TøP gig when people cheer louder than ever for the sight of a single drum kit and piano. Then suddenly ‘Heavy Dirty Soul’ started playing!

The songs on the set were both off ‘Blurryface’ and 2013’s album ‘Vessel’ – I really tried to get into that album earlier with no luck. Now though, I think those songs work the best when played live; simply awesome! We had the likes of ‘Guns For Hands’, ‘Migraine’ and ‘Holding Onto You’ along with a medley of old songs. ‘We Don’t Believe What’s On TV’ started with a ‘House of Gold’ intro, while ‘Lane Boy’ brought the crouch and jump spectacle – considering the size of the venue, commanding the crowd to do so went astonishingly smooth. Nothing would’ve been perfect without ‘Tear In My Heart’, as everyone chanted the number one pick-up line “my taste in music is your face” line.

I knew these guys were known for putting up a class show, and the set was entertainment at its highest. Tyler Joseph is not one to talk too much between songs (He did say a heart-warming speech about wanting to have a conversation with each of us at the end though. The feeling is mutual) and surprisingly, it wasn’t needed at all this time – this is TøP after all. If you thought guitarists throwing their guitars and frolicking around the stage were cool, you haven’t seen Joshua Dun backflip from the piano, nor banging a sick drum-solo out from a platform ON top of the crowd. Tyler even went as far as somehow begging up to the balcony at some point during ‘Car Radio’.

I was prepared for ‘Goner’ to give all the feels during the encore but boy I was so wrong…the last song ‘Trees’ had me off guard and with tears in my eyes. Then there was the epic finale of Josh and Tyler’s drum battle, in the crowd once again. It was perfect end to a perfect night. I am still recovering from it. They were born for stage and live performances. Here’s to bigger shows and sold out arenas for the next run!

“We are Twenty One Pilots, and so are you!”

To show the true magic of the band and their music, here is the clip of people singing ‘We Don’t Believe What’s On TV’ as a boy plays the ukulele post-concert in my carriage on the tube home.

Dóra Udvardi
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