Welsh Music Wednesday #18: Stay Voiceless


Band name: Stay Voiceless

From: South Wales

You know when you hear a song for the first time and you wonder how and why you’ve never heard it before? When it reels you in within the first thirty seconds, you stop in your tracks to focus on listening, knowing you’re onto something. Then you’re hit with a chorus so infectious that you lose control. You find yourself trying to sing along to words you’ve never heard before and banging your head to a rhythm you can’t predict. Yeah, you know the feeling? That’s ‘Comfortable‘ by Stay Voiceless.

Very rarely does a song by a band I’ve never heard before, instantly grab me the way ‘Comfortable‘ did, but it’s hard to not get carried away by its brutal riffs and raw, rock vocals. Now, that description may just sound like a copy & paste description for any old rock song, but ‘Comfortable‘ is not your typical rock anthem. It’s layered with loud, aggressive vocal harmonies and impressive instrumental breaks. There’s just so much substance to it that I seem to peel off another layer with every listen, and what I find underneath each layer is even more impressive than the last.

I wasn’t surprised to learn that ‘Comfortable‘ was recorded by Todd Campbell at Stompbox Recording Studios. In fact, I remember genuinely thinking “ahhh that’s why it sounds so good”. Todd is excellent, and ‘Comfortable‘ is a perfect example of what he can do with someone’s sound.

Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing what Stay Voiceless can do with their sound live. They support Masts along with Calling Apollo and Your Protected at Undertone in Cardiff on March 17th. It’s a hell of a line-up, but I’ve not seen any of the bands live before. I’m hoping I’ll be as impressed with the show as I am with ‘Comfortable’.

I’ll get back to you on that one next month, but until then, you can stream ‘Comfortable‘ from Stay VoicelessSoundcloud, below, or, you could do the right thing and buy it on iTunes here.

(Header image taken from the band’s Facebook)



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