The Summer Set Premiere New Song

summer set album

After what felt like forever, “Arizona emo group… uhm wait, wrong band? …  The Summer Set, the pop-rockers from Arizona, are finally back with a fiery new song ‘Figure Me Out’ and it hits right in the feelings.

“I’m a bit too pop for the punk kids / but I’m too punk for the pop kids” – Story of my life!

The song honestly discusses the inner struggles of someone trying to make it in a world ruled by fake people and YouTube stars, with the fear of not fitting in. It’s a strong statement, and even stronger comeback from a band that have been so quiet recently that I thought they were over. I love the Andrew McMahon-like piano sound and there is also a quite sick guitar solo.

Let’s turn this up real loud!

Pre-order for the upcoming album ‘Stories for Monday‘, expected to be released on April 1st , was also announced. Fingers crossed it is not an April Fools’ joke. You can buy pre-order bundles for the record via the band’s site, and download ‘Figure Me Outhere.

Huge welcome back, The Summer Set!

summer set


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