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New Music Friday was a busy one last week. Not that I’m complaining. These new releases have been on repeat ever since, and I couldn’t be more interested in what the future holds for these bands.

State Champs – ‘Around the World and Back

Things are looking good for State Champs as they’re surely getting there to take over the punk-rock crown from their forefathers of the scene with their way of telling the story of this decade. ‘Around the World and Back‘ is the follow-up to 2013’s debut, ‘The Finer Things‘. The songs provide the familiar dynamics of the band, while discussing the struggles of relationships and self-doubt, with a hint of much needed optimism. The lyrics in ‘Losing Myself‘ go “Sometimes, I think I’m bound for losing it all” – “but no, I won’t fall” – “I’m down for life”. Well,  I’m definitely down for this album – with ‘Perfect Score‘, ‘Back and Forth‘, and ‘Breaking Ground‘ being my favourites at the moment.

Fightstar – ‘Behind the Devil’s Back

Rumour has it Charlie Simpson may be reuniting with Busted. It sounds great but, maybe, he shouldn’t. This is Fightstar at its best. The additional synth makes the sound more unique, yet the material is still as heavy as ever – see, the beast that is ‘Titan‘, and the outro of ‘Dive‘. ‘Overdrive‘ and ‘Sink with the Snakes‘ are the absolute leaders of the album with the rather catchy choruses, yet the most outstanding to me is still ‘More Human than Human‘. – it’s chill with an essence of spooky, goth heaviness, and I simply love it.

Nothing But Thieves – ‘Nothing But Thieves

Ever since I first heard their Live Lounge cover of Mumford & Sons, I’ve been eager for the release of a full length album. This self-titled debut has parts where it reminds me of Royal Blood‘s raw dynamics and something Muse would’ve done – ‘Honey Whiskey‘ even borrows the undeniable riffs from Arctic Monkeys‘ ‘Do I Wanna Know‘. Songs like ‘Wake Up Call‘, ‘Graveyard Whistling‘, ‘If I Get High‘ show the more unique side of the band, however. I’ve never thought anything on this album would bring tears in my eyes but ‘Lover, Please Stay‘ did – you guys, I definitely was not warned about a hurricane of emotions! Still, it must be my favourite along with ‘Drawing Pins‘.

The Technicolors

          – ‘

Ultraviolet Disguise

It’s not an everyday thing for artists to release Deluxe Editions of EPs but The Technicolors did exactly that. In addition to the original first five songs, you get 5 more as proof of what a breath of fresh air this band is to the industry and everyone’s playlists. They’re balancing between chilled summery vibes (‘Feels Like Trouble‘) and a virtuoso guitar driven rock side perfectly (‘Heavy Leather‘ is the bomb of a song), making it impossible to shove them under labels – luckily.

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