Welsh Music Wednesday #12: Shop Girls

Shop Girls

Band name: Shop Girls

From: Cardiff

It’s that time of year again when the sun has finally shown itself and the internet is awash with music fans requesting recommendations for their new ‘Summer Tunes’ playlist. If you are one of those people, then you’ve undoubtedly had dozens of new names thrown at you, which you’ve probably searched on YouTube and then immediately dismissed and gone back to the same playlist you’ve had since 2009, but if you have any sense then Shop Girls will make the cut for your new Summer soundtrack, and for all seasons to follow.

Shop Girls are proof that if you venture into the quieter corners of social media, you’ll often find something wonderful. Granted, it’s only quiet right now because the ‘shop’ has only just opened, but word will get out and we’ll soon find ourselves queuing out the door in amongst the hustle and bustle over Shop Girls.

Despite being so new, Shop Girls have already received support from David Owens at Wales Online and have been played on Shay‘s Nation Radio Airplay, as well as being praised by other local musicians; I was pointed in their direction by former 60ft. Dolls drummer, and current drummer for The Lash, Carl Bevan, who declared that Shop Girls “have one of the best songwriters in the county” in their band.

It would seem like a bold statement if not for the evidence streaming out of Shop Girls’ Soundcloud in the form of beautifully composed alternative indie pop tunes. Their sound is mellow but cheerful with upbeat melodies, sweet-sounding guitars and the occasional soft vocal harmony; on top of all this, their songs are lyrically stunning, echoing the mood of a warm Summer evening drinking cheap cider and smoking cigarettes by the water.

The only downside to Shop Girls is that, at this point, there isn’t much more I can say about them. They have already started playing shows in Cardiff and have an acoustic show lined up in 10ft Tall in Cardiff city centre next month. Until we hear more from them, you’ll have to make do with this, (In The Bathroom is my personal favourite) judging by what we’ve got so far, my guess is we won’t have to wait very long until we hear more from Shop Girls.



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