Welsh Music Wednesday #9: We’re No Heroes

we're no heroes

Band name: We’re No Heroes

From: Cardiff

We’re No Heroes are an alternative, new wave indie rock three-piece from Cardiff who combine funk-inspired rhythmic guitars with mellow, impassive vocals and some techno 80s-esque synth effects for good measure.

They’ve been a band for a few years now and so have already built up an impressive back catalogue of singles and EPs. Their demo EP, ‘Crossing Over‘, was a self-release back in 2010 and sets the foundations for We’re No Heroes’ sound, with bouncing basslines and anthemic indie harmonies. Their follow-up, ‘Quiet Colours‘ was their debut EP released on Ripefruit Recordings and saw We’re No Heroes slip more comfortably into their desired style but also showed us they’re not afraid to experiment, and pull it off (2012’s single release of ‘Ghost Coast‘/’Aerials‘ should also be noted here, as far as experimentation goes). Songs like ‘Tigers‘ from ‘Quiet Colours‘ highlight just how much We’re No Heroes improved their skills and strengthened their sound within the short space of a year.

In 2013, the band gained some radio success with their upbeat, melodic guitar-laden single ‘Distort The Air‘, receiving praise and airplay from BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 6 and BBC Radio Wales and signified a growth in We’re No Heroes’ already well-formed sound. This musical development would pave the way for 2014’s EP ‘Shiver‘, which feels like all of We’re No Heroes’ best elements coming together to form their first really solid, confident release. Every track has its own strengths, whether it’s the synthpop and guitars working together to create the sweet-sounding melodies of ‘Wild Life‘ or the effortless, nonchalant vocal tones of ‘Maya‘ that linger in your head like the smoke of a fond memory, ‘Shiver’ is We’re No Heroes’ strongest release.

At least, it was until Adam Walton premiered their new single for 2015, ‘Voodoo‘ (skip to 02:46:50) on his show earlier this month. Although not my favourite We’re No Heroes track, it’s definitely one of their best and showcases their progression musically and on the whole as a band. With an official release date of July 31st, We’re No Heroes have some time to kill before ‘Voodoo‘ is out and it looks like they’re going to spend it playing shows. April and May have seen them perform across Wales and before they hit the festivals this Summer, they’re rounding this month off with a headline show in Clwb Ifor Bach for the opening of Iain Mahanty and Andrew Shay’s new project All Ages. All Ages is a new event based in Cardiff which gives young, up and coming musicians to perform to fans, of all ages.

The first All Ages show takes place this Saturday (May 30th) and the line-up also includes Merthyr’s brilliantly fun, riff-heavy, rap rock group  Paint Happy  and another one of Alt Scribe’s favourites, The Cradles. With a line-up like that, it would be criminal not to attend if you’re in Cardiff or the surrounding area, the event is in the afternoon, so you don’t even need to worry about missing the last train home. The only thing you do need to worry about missing is the show itself, so book your tickets now.

Until Saturday, however, here’s my favourite song from the All Ages headliners and one of Cardiff’s fastest-rising bands, We’re No Heroes, ‘Wild Life‘:



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