New Tunes For Your Ears From Neck Deep, Oh Wonder, Don Broco and More


This week has granted us some pretty awesome new music so far. With album releases from so many artists on our doorsteps, it’s only natural they give us an early glimpse of what’s to come. We can’t really choose a favourite so scroll down, and have a listen of all!

Oh Wonder – ‘Livewire

Livewire’ is the very first music video of Alt Scribe favourites, Ant West and Josie Wanders‘ new music project. Oh Wonder is surely on the right track of becoming an international sensation, and this mellow new song is the perfect debut to a wider audience. Buy the song here and stream the others here!

Enter Shikari – ‘Torn Apart

Taken from the new album ‘The Mindsweep’out now, Enter Shikari revealed this cool new video for ‘Torn Apart’ earlier this week. We simply love it, and you should as well!

Of Monsters and Men – ‘Crystals
The first single off the Icelanders’ highly anticipated sophomore album, ‘Beneath the Skin‘ (out June 8th), lives up to all expectations. Its music video also delivers the beautiful and creative visuals we’re so used to receiving from this band. 

New Politics – ‘West End Kids

We’re pretty sure ‘West End Kids’ will be to 2015 what ‘Harlem’ was for 2013: an ultimate summer hit, minus the rocky vibes that were somehow lost on the busy touring road. We really miss that, but August 14th cannot come soon enough to dance along to new album ‘Vikings‘.

Young Guns – ‘Daylight

Let’s face it: it’s been ages since you’ve been able to enjoy a shiny new Young Guns LP. 4 more weeks is all we have to wait to hear the massive ‘Ones and Zeros‘. Luckily, these lads are nice enough to please fans with new videos in the meantime. ‘Daylight’ is the newest.

Fran Palermo – ‘Requiem n °21

The tropical indie rockers premiered a new song yesterday, just ahead of their debut album release on May 22nd. ‘Requiem n °21’ is a song fitting for long summer days by the pool, and we hope the album will be no different either.

Neck Deep – ‘Can’t Kick Up The Roots

“WOAH” is our reaction on this pure punk-rock greatness. If this isn’t becoming an anthem for the new generation of the scene, we’re out! ‘Can’t Kick Up The Roots’ is the first single off Neck Deep‘s upcoming recordLife’s Not Out To Get You‘. 

Don Broco – ‘Automatic

The title-track of Don Broco‘s new full-length (out 7th August) is eighties synth pop meets rock.

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