Welsh Music Wednesday #5: Voes


Band name: Voes

From: South Wales

Voes are a symphonic dreampop three-piece from South Wales who merge ambient, electronic instrumentals with the soft but striking vocals of Harriet Whitehead. Their debut EP ‘Let Me Stay‘ which was released last month has already received high praise from both critics and fans and showcases both Voes’ beautiful sound and their high potential as one of Wales’ most unique up and coming bands of their genre.


I was lucky enough to see Voes at a free show in Newport supporting The Vestals and Cardinals¬†last Saturday. I always turn up early enough for support bands but I’m rarely as impressed as I was with Voes. Only forming less than two years ago, Voes were confident, professional and captivated their crowd with ease. There wasn’t the usual ‘support band chatter’ from the audience,¬†overpowering the sound of the music – everyone was fixated on Voes. Although, it would be hard for anything to overpower their transcendent tone.


A friend picked up a copy of Voes’ EP from the show on Saturday and we have barely stopped listening to it since. I’m not usually a fan of this genre but the melodic combinations of pianos, drums, synthesisers and mesmerising vocal harmonies are hard not to enjoy. And it does help that, after only a few listens, you find yourself singing along to every track (apart from track 2, which is instrumental, but you’d definitely sing along to that too if you could).


Voes are certainly a band to listen out for in the near future, and with support from other artists and local media coming in fast, I would imagine you’ll be hearing more of them very soon, and you can keep up to date with this on their Facebook and Twitter. In the mean time, you can check out their video for ‘Giants‘ from their EP below.


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