Welsh Music Wednesday #2: Samoans


Band name: Samoans

From: Cardiff

Influences: (as taken from the band’s Facebook): Reuben, Maps & Atlases and Deftones


Samoans’ sound is indefinable. They somehow manage to combine poetic lyrics with intricate melodies and powerful math rock. They received an incredibly positive response from fans and high praise from critics for their debut album ‘Rescue‘ which was released in July last year and went on to be nominated for the Welsh Music Prize back in November alongside bands like Manic Street Preachers.

Following the success of ‘Rescue‘ they are currently recording demos for their second album. As if the pressure of living up to their outstanding debut wasn’t enough, they’re also balancing album two work with an almost overloaded concert calendar. Samoans play festivals like 2000 TreesNASS and Camden Rocks and have support slots lined up across the country this Spring/Summer as well as their own UK headline tour fast approaching.

Fans of Biffy Clyro and Foo Fighters will enjoy their live shows that are energetic, intense and at times, emotional (‘Lightning Beneath The Sea‘) – it’s a perfectly planned set, which it should be when you consider the amount of shows they play.

Samoans were considered mainly as a touring band, but after hearing what they can do with an album whilst still maintaining their enthusiasm for playing live shows, it’s hard to say which is their strongest element, so it’s probably a good idea for you to experience both. ‘Rescue‘ is still available from their Bandcamp  and you can check out their Facebook for updates on their upcoming shows.


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