Spring and Summer 2015 Album Releases To Be Excited For

american candy

These past months have been quite slow, but things are finally shaping up for year 2015 in the music world. Exciting times are ahead once again. It seems only essential to have everything in order, so here is a by no means complete list of what to expect in the upcoming months!

The Maine – ‘American Candy

It is a mere two weeks until the release of The Maine‘s newest effort. They have always been a group who are able to provide more and more awesome stuff with each album cycle. As a fan, it’s the most exciting thing to witness this progress in making and the never-ending passion of these five people towards music.

All Time Low – ‘Future Hearts

The pop-punk heroes are due to release their sixth studio album on April 7th via Hopeless Records. Specials guests of the record will be Mark Hoppus (Blink-182) and Joel Madden (Good Charlotte), and it was produced by legendary John Feldman, so things cannot go wrong. The band won’t be catching a break any time soon though, as they are constantly touring the world all year round.

Mumford & Sons – ‘Wilder Mind

People freaked out after hearing there will be no banjo on the new album. However, the new sound shows Mumford & Sons still being themselves without the instrument that made them famous. It was a much needed change, and we`re beyond excited to hear the rest. May the Fourth be with you,  ‘Wilder Mind’!

Twenty One Pilots – ‘Blurryface

Mark your calendars for May 19th to bring bad-ass new music into your life. A brand new song just premiered, offering a taste of what’s to come.

Florence and The Machine – ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

The edgier sound and grandiose gothic vocals that we love so much will surely define listeners’ summer playlist and music festival experience from the first of June.

Muse – ‘Drones

Another big name on the list making a comeback in June. Judging by the first song off the albumPsycho‘, which debuted last week, it is going to be a massive one.

Oh Wonder

Ant West (Futures, We The Wild) and Josie Wanders (LAYLA) have always been on our radar but with this new musical project, they seem to be all over the place lately. There might not be a debut album coming yet but a new song is being released each month over the course of a year, which is just as exciting!

What will YOU be listening to this spring/summer? Share it in the comment section below!


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