Booty Killed The Pop Star

booty killed the pop star

From time to time, it becomes tiring to think about how I am going to put my thoughts on this and that band’s new music into an article. That is when I need a break to turn on the radio, and try to enjoy the ‘popular’ stuff. Or simply check what the internet is filled with. Sometimes, it works and I find true gems. Sometimes, I am left there outraged and shocked at the same time.

The trends and stars come and go out of nowhere depending on what the label decides to be “in” at the time.  Women’s back sides – Iggy Azalea’s, Ariana Grande’s, and – once again – Nicki  Minaj’s – are definitely everywhere right now. Rather unfortunate. Especially when you hear all this on your favourite radio station that is usually dedicated to represent the side with more value.

The Xcerts wrote “you haunt me, like a pop song in my head” on their most recent song. That haunting is the quality missing from the majority of the hyped music these days. You can call the likes of Anaconda and Booty anything but catchy. You cannot even dance to it or sing-along without looking and sounding like a proper imbecile. As research to this article, I have listened to countless amounts of these…and got a headache. When I got to ‘Fancy’ featuring Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX, I thought this might be something, but soon I realized all the love about this track went to the Clueless-like music video when it was released. Apart from Charli’s singing, the song is lifeless and flat. Perfect example of what music is these days. I used to love the early work of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Jessie J too, but I can find very little uniqueness to like in their recent releases. Friends told me before, they find rock music all the same – in the shadow of that, I don’t know what to say about pop. It is also a pity to see icons like Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Minogue trying to stay relevant. Sex sells, but you don’t have to do it in a trashy way. Let’s hope Beyoncé won`t be joining the club anytime soon.

Sadly, people will always buy into this kind of stuff, while many talented artists aren`t even getting a chance to gain commercial success. Bands, like Kids In Glass Houses, Canterbury, LostAlone – just to name a few from personal favorites – have all released world-class albums in the past. Just like all of them had to call it a day recently. This is the reason I am really pissed off at those with the power in their hands, who don’t give a chance to the talent, and approve of nonsense being released daily. Why does anyone think it is better to promote the people, who do nothing but shake their asses on camera, rather than the actual hard working ones?


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Dóra Udvardi
Dora covers the events of the Hungarian music scene – or wherever she's actually living – over at Alt Scribe. She gained interest in writing about music when she created her first blog on Buzznet in 2011. Since then she became a featured blogger on the site, where she shares about fragments of her life, travels and music experiences. She's the person to go to if you want to know about actual music events. CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: All Time Low, The Carbonfools and The Kooks. SPECIALIST SUBJECT: The Hungarian music scene

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