VOLT Festival 2014 – Day 5 (6th July)


The last day of this year’s VOLT festival went down with a bitter-sweet feeling. Firstly, it meant going back to normal life the day after. Secondly, we had an amazing time and hardly wanted to leave. And lastly, the biggest party should happen on the last day but it already happened on Day Three, so this day was quite chill.

We headed to the festival early to check out hometown heroes of Újvilág Utca. Considering this was their first ever major festival appearance, they were pretty cool and we see a bright future for them with bigger stage and crowd next time. Also, their music blended in nicely with the heavy indie-rock influence of the day.


Mary Popkids got into our ears and hearts with last year’s ‘Night Drive’, so it felt natural to go and see them opening the Main Stage. We still stand by our opinion that Ivan & The Parazol should have played this stage at this time because of their genre once again, but the Popkids proved they were all worthy for this prize. FYI: previously, there was a contest for which up and coming Hungarian band should open for Arctic Monkeys – and to be honest, their summery tunes were perfect for the afternoon.

The rest of the day was spent in anticipation of the headliner. We caught Fish! (no pun intended) playing their set on a smaller stage in the distance, while pouring some beverages into our bodies. They killed it as always with their catchy rock tunes. Kiscsillag was up next; their show was all right apart from the singer being pissed off on cutting their set short in favour of the big name and he gave voice to this with the moody artist’s anger – fair enough.


The Strypes from Ireland occupied the Main Stage soon after, and having never heard their songs before, it was more than impressive to see such professional show from teenagers. It had this true old school rock festival feeling thanks to the music they play, but of course our generation can only imagine what it felt like attending such gigs in the sixties-seventies era.


The Arctic Monkeys were the reason for an extension of the usual four day festival, so of course expectations were high. Surprisingly, the technical stuff still actually worked by the time we got to them – unlike with Fall Out Boy whose sound-system was rather forgettable last year. Also, the songs themselves sound A+ live. However, they’ve got this staged performance where lead singer Alex Turner seems like he’s overacting this “cool rock star” thing and interacts very little between tracks, while the others are just there to play the instruments…it’s like they’re bored of playing shows already. The excitement you see on most artists’ faces was somehow missing here and despite the excitement of hearing favourite songs live, this totally put me off for the entire 1.5 hours. With the end of a festival and the main headliner’s show, one would also count for something extra like fireworks or confetti but sure that didn’t fit into their cool profile either. They simply walked off – glad he didn’t drop the microphone, though…

Vad Fruttik‘s performance helped to regain some happiness. We sang along to their biggest hits while also sighing with sadness when the works of pulling down the Main Stage have started.

Last but not least, the very last thing to do was to dance our hearts out and say our goodbyes in style for Tesco Disco‘s mix. The name may sound like a sort of children’s entertainment CD from said supermarket chain, but the DJ set plays the biggest indie hits of all times and it is just great.

In conclusion: VOLT Festival has been the best 5 days of the summer so far. I have seen countless of memorable shows, which I will recall many times in the future; have met amazing people; and was mistaken for drug dealer many times.

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Dóra Udvardi
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