LIVE REVIEW: All Time Low + Blitz Kids @ Arena Wien 27/02/2014


Our contributor, Dora took the day off and headed to Vienna to catch All Time Low and Blitz Kids on their European tour…

Thanks to having previously spent quite some time queuing, the audience was eager to finally hear some live music, and the longer than usual set-time was a favourable introduction of Britain’s own Blitz Kids to the Austrians, who were more than welcoming.

The band took the stage by storm – unusual from opening acts – with ‘All I Want Is Everything’. The rest of the show was built for the similar, heavier songs mostly from their newly released album, ‘The Good Youth‘ (‘On My Own’, ‘Run For Cover’, ‘Sold My Soul’) but the melancholic ‘Keep Swinging’ and a previous single ‘Never Die’ also had their well-deserved spot in the set. A small technical error occurred in the middle of ‘Sometimes’ with the microphone unplugging itself but this is just one of the signs of what energy they’ve brought on stage. Witnessing the “lightsaber skills” of the frontman was also quite amusing during the last song.

Afterwards, it wasn’t long until the stars of the night came on stage. All Time Low have made major, refreshing changes on the set-list by adding songs they hardly ever play live these days. This coming as a surprise, it was quite a struggle recalling the lyrics of the likes of ‘Vegas’ or ‘Stay Awake’. ‘Jasey Rae’ didn’t make the cut to their “longest set ever”, to the annoyance of a few hardcore song-requesting fans. The rest of the show contained  the usual mix of songs (‘Lost In Stereo‘, ‘Damned If I Do Ya‘, ‘Therapy‘, ‘Time Bomb‘, ‘Somewhere In Neverland‘, ‘Guts‘, ‘The Reckless and The Brave‘, ‘For Baltimore‘ etc.) with the addition of new tracks ‘A Love Like War’ and ‘Oh, Calamity’. In between songs, the guys brought their cocky/goofy attitude, and told hilarious jokes.

To boost the surprises of the event, the band invited few lucky fans on stage, and Cassadee Pope showed up to sing the original part of fellow The Voice contestant Juliet Simms on ‘Remembering Sunday’. She’s one talented lady, with an amazing voice.

All in all, this was by far the most entertaining All Time Low show we’ve been to. Partly because of the sort of intimate venue (with the capacity of approx. 1000 people), and partly because of the people who showed up ready to have one hell of a night.


Dóra Udvardi
Dora covers the events of the Hungarian music scene – or wherever she's actually living – over at Alt Scribe. She gained interest in writing about music when she created her first blog on Buzznet in 2011. Since then she became a featured blogger on the site, where she shares about fragments of her life, travels and music experiences. She's the person to go to if you want to know about actual music events. CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: All Time Low, The Carbonfools and The Kooks. SPECIALIST SUBJECT: The Hungarian music scene

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