Artist Of The Week: Taking Back Sunday


Each January, every blog becomes flooded with recommendations for bands so new we doubt they even exist yet. However, we thought we’d buck the trend by celebrating the success of a band who formed when some hipsters were barely potty-trained (we’re sorry if that makes you feel old, guys). We’re talking about legendary New York rockers Taking Back Sunday who are preparing to release their sixth album ‘Happiness Is‘. It’s their second consecutive album to feature their reformed original line-up – proof that what’s ‘old’ can still be new.


Amy Jo McLellan
Amy Jo McLellan is the editor of Alt Scribe. She started writing about music in 2010 and has been dancing about architecture ever since. She became a featured blogger for Buzznet after winning their 2011 ‘Summer of Buzz’ talent search. Amy knows far too much about her favourite bands and describes herself as a “professional fangirl”. CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Kids In Glass Houses, Dawes. SPECIALIST SUBJECT: The rise and fall of 'Emo' 2006 - Now.

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