2013 Favourites: Part 2

david 2013

After emerging from our December hibernation, our editor posted her musical highlights of 2013. It wasn’t a definitive list however, as Alt Scribe contributor David Handley disagrees with his own ‘Best Of’.

Artist of the Year: Arctic Monkeys

arctic monkeys 2013

Another number one album, with many critics calling it their best yet. With a show stopping Glastonbury headline performance, another Mercury Prize nomination, a sell out arena tour and their first Top 10 single in 6 years,  2013 was most definitely Arctic Monkeys’ year. They reached new heights both commercially and critically and 2013 will always be remembered as when they made the shift from a very good indie band to true icons.

Top Five:

1. Arctic Monkeys

2. Haim

3. Peace

4. Disclosure

5. Queens of the Stone Age

Album of the Year: Peace – ‘In Love’


Generally positive reviews greeted the release of Peace’s debut full length album in March. After being tipped as one of the bands to watch for 2013, the pressure was truly on but they truly hit all of the heights that their promise merited. ‘In Love‘ delivered ten (fourteen on the deluxe version) songs filled with pure indie pop delight. The band wear their influences proudly on their sleeves; Blur, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin and Oasis are all clear influence, but somehow they all merge together to create a sound which is unmistakably Peace. Even after nine months, this is still constantly spinning on my record player. ‘In Love‘ really is a triumph of happiness, flamboyance, dreams and joy – a cocktail which makes Peace’s music absolutely essential listening.

Top Five:

1. Peace – ‘In Love

2. Arctic Monkeys – ‘AM

3. Drenge – ‘Drenge

4. Kanye West – ‘Yeezus

5. Haim – ‘Days are Gone

David Handley
David Handley is a 26 year old from Wolverhampton. He has blogged for Sabotage Times and Culture / Trash among others and runs a Literature blog for The Express & Star. He is a lyric fan and loves all sorts of music, but will always have a soft spot for early 2000's indie. CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Augustines, THE XX, Blossoms. David can be found at @DavidHandley on twitter or at his blog - https://dkhandley.wordpress.com

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