Artist Of The Week: Alexander


It takes a brave artist to go by a first name along. Few have managed to make it work, and they’re usually legends – Madonna, Adele, Björk. When Cheryl Cole tried to drop her ex-husband’s half of her stage name, plenty of heads shook as if the acceptance of her as just “Cheryl” would automatically give her a pop crown she didn’t deserve.

Alexander deserve a pop crown. And Alexander isn’t a solo singer either – they’re a four-piece band from Durham, and an exceptionally good one at that. So if you hear them on the radio (which you’re sure to do next year), remember that they’re not some cocky solo singer with ideas above his station, they’re a collective with just one name – a bit like James, really.

Their latest single ‘Find My Way Out‘ is out now in the UK in aid of BeatBullying, and the band’s debut LP ‘Say Hello‘ is available to buy worldwide.

Alexander will embark on a UK tour in February.

Amy Jo McLellan
Amy Jo McLellan is the editor of Alt Scribe. She started writing about music in 2010 and has been dancing about architecture ever since. She became a featured blogger for Buzznet after winning their 2011 ‘Summer of Buzz’ talent search. Amy knows far too much about her favourite bands and describes herself as a “professional fangirl”. CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Kids In Glass Houses, Dawes. SPECIALIST SUBJECT: The rise and fall of 'Emo' 2006 - Now.

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