New Music Monday: Ivan & The Parazol

ivan and the parazol

Have you been missing out on fine rock music in your life lately, or are just getting bored of Arctic Monkeys and the like? Well, good news … our newest discovery, Ivan & The Parazol are here to save the day.

The Hungarian quintet from Budapest was formed in 2010. Their debut album ‘Mama, Don’t You Recognize Ivan & The Parazol?‘ followed in 2012. Despite being a relatively young band, the boys have already earned their place on the visionary list of the most popular bands of the Hungarian music scene while also building a career abroad. They performed at SXSW festival in Austin,TX in March and played a handful of shows around New York City in October, some of those as part of CBGB festival. Ivan & The Parazol also won the award for the Best Hungarian Act at this years EMA’s – although considering MTV’s role in music these days, that’s just a formality.

Take My Hand‘ is their most successful song to date yet. They identify themselves a rock and roll band and that definition is true to the bone. There is influence from the legendary bands of the sixties/seventies to Lenny Cravitz, The Virgins and Queens of the Stone Age. The voice of lead singer Iván Vitáris is even spookily similar to Mick Jagger or Elvis Presley’s in certain songs.

Don’t Wanna Die‘ is their newest material and is the first single taken from their upcoming album. (If the things above aren’t a good enough reason to check out their music, then just look at how handsome they are!)


Dóra Udvardi
Dora covers the events of the Hungarian music scene – or wherever she's actually living – over at Alt Scribe. She gained interest in writing about music when she created her first blog on Buzznet in 2011. Since then she became a featured blogger on the site, where she shares about fragments of her life, travels and music experiences. She's the person to go to if you want to know about actual music events. CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: All Time Low, The Carbonfools and The Kooks. SPECIALIST SUBJECT: The Hungarian music scene

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