Dear Miley Cyrus and Brendon Urie, Put Some Clothes On Please

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It’s been over a month since Miley Cyrus swung her naked body on a ‘Wrecking Ball’ and licked a hammer. It’s been even longer since she suggestively waggled her foam finger at Robin Thicke, yet we’re still talking about it. Why? Because Cyrus took her clothes off. So if flashing your flesh is such a hotbed for discussion, why has the new and similarly nude video for Panic! At The Disco’s ‘Girls/Girls/Boys’ barely ruffled the feathers of so much as one internet message board? Because Miley Cyrus has a greater profile, of course, but surely it’s partly due to Brendon Urie’s gender.

Both artists stripped off for the same reason – and it’s not for ‘art’. Sex sells – to both males and females. The less clothes you wear, the more YouTube hits you’ll get. Simple. However when a female, such as Cyrus, does so it causes outrage but when a male follows suit, not so much as an eyebrow is raised. I don’t wish to stereotype but perhaps it’s because a large amount of Cyrus’ complainers are females who are violently disgusted and appalled by a scantily-clad young woman but more than happy to glance at the topless torso of an attractive male on their Tumblr dashboard. It’s probably about time someone theorised about ‘The Female Gaze’.

Whilst I strongly disagree with the view that Cyrus’ use of her assets is some kind of feminist reclamation (remember the twerking suffragettes? Me neither), I feel that it’s unfair to keep portraying Cyrus as a disgusting figure of debauchery for using her body to climb higher in the charts while nobody accuses male artists such as Panic! At The Disco of using exactly the same tactics.

Although, of course, in the same way that Cyrus’ antics are apparently some kind of post-modern pastiche of how we view today’s female pop stars (well done on that one, PR team), Panic!’s video is allegedly all one big in-joke too. Except it’s not funny. According to Urie, it’s a remake of D’Angelo’s clip for ‘Untitled (How Does It Make You Feel)’ which means that it’s not just objectification, it’s lazy copying too.

I don’t know much about being a pop star, but here is my advice. Brendon, stick to writing great songs. Miley, put your tongue away. Both of you, put your clothes back on – you’re better than that and besides, you’ll catch a cold.

Amy Jo McLellan
Amy Jo McLellan is the editor of Alt Scribe. She started writing about music in 2010 and has been dancing about architecture ever since. She became a featured blogger for Buzznet after winning their 2011 ‘Summer of Buzz’ talent search. Amy knows far too much about her favourite bands and describes herself as a “professional fangirl”. CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Kids In Glass Houses, Dawes. SPECIALIST SUBJECT: The rise and fall of 'Emo' 2006 - Now.

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