Review: Belle and Sebastian’s Retrospective ‘The Third Eye Centre’

belle and sebastian

The return of cult Glasgwegian band Belle and Sebastian brings an album of B-sides, remixes and rarities titled ‘The Third Eye Centre‘.

Front man Stuart Murdoch‘s quirky and contagious personality endears him to all, creating his cult following. His velvety vocals are easy on the ear and his storytelling cements him as one of the best song writers in the UK. In his ‘spare’ time, the multi-talented Murdoch can also be found writing books, musicals and taking photographs.

Belle and Sebastian’s latest collection is a retrospective release, consisting of popular tracks such as ‘Blue Eyed Millionaire‘, ‘Meat and Potatoes‘ and the bizarrely entitled ‘Eighth Station of The Cross Kebab House‘ as well as oddities. One of the surprise highlights of the album is the B-Side ‘(I Believe In) Travellin’ Light‘, originally released alongside their 2004 single ‘I’m A Cuckoo‘.

As any self respecting Belle and Sebastian fan will tell you, the best way to ‘get’ the magic of this unique band is to watch them live (we will be watching out for tour dates here at Alt Scribe) but if you can’t make it to a show, B&S’s second compilation album is still a sensible purchase.


‘The Third Eye Centre’ is out now.

Belle and Sebastian play Zurich Open Air Festival – 30th August, The End Of The Road Festival (Dorset) – September 1st and Bestival (Isle Of Wight) – 6th September.

Mark Whalley
From the moment Mark heard the Bowie album 'Lodger' back in 1979 as an impressionable kid in Manchester, music became his home. Since then, his eclectic taste has led him to find friends from almost every genre and taken him on many adventures.

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